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Services Offered


The following courses can be offered at the undergraduate, graduate or DMin level:
Marketplace Ministry

  • Doing God’s Business: Theology and Spirituality of Executive Leadership
  • The Other Six Days: Theology and Spirituality of Everyday Life (also called Everyday Spirituality)
  • Vocation, Work and Ministry: Finding Your Personal Mission
  • Empowering the Whole People of God
  • Ministry and Spirituality
  • Spirituality and Work


  1. Consulting with businesses and business/professional people on work-life issues, priorities, balance, personal blocks, relationships, personal habits, vocational discernment and mission. This coaching is offered on a confidential basis.
  2. Consulting with theological colleges on marketplace and professional integration.
  3. Consulting with churches on equipping people for their service in the world and developing a marketplace-friendly church. For example, a weekend conference with the church or Sunday morning (sermon), Sunday, Monday and Tuesday evenings on such topics as:
    • Whose Work Matters to God?
    • Is the Marketplace a Mission Field or Mission?
    • Coping with Multiple Callings
    • Working with Integrity in a Morally Ambiguous World
    • Spirituality and Work
    • Empowering the People of God for Service in the Work World
    • So What Am I Going to Do When I Grow Up?
    • Sexuality, Marriage, Marriage Enrichment and Singleness


Offering seminars for people in accessible ways and affordable that assist people wanting to deal with issues of spirituality, priorities, leadership and mission in the workplace. Examples of such seminars are:

  • What Business Is God In?
  • What in the World Are You Doing (and why)?
  • Stress, Sabbath and Serenity: Juggling Act or Balance?
  • Professionalism and Integrity in the Workplace
  • Success, Failure and Faith
  • Working with Soul
  • Marketplace Spirituality
  • The Other Six Days: Marriage, Ministry and Everyday Life
  • Leadership and Followership
  • Down-to-Earth Spirituality
  • Discerning Your Personal Mission
  • Sexuality, Marriage and Singleness
  • Living in a Global Village
  • Vocational Discernment


In today’s world most people are in fairly continuous vocational transition. Paul Stevens and Gray Poehnell, a career consultant, provide resources for people to discern their personal missions and to craft a career as part of their calling. Offered either in a weekend format or as a one or two-day seminar, Paul Stevens and Gray Poehnell provide a reflective experience in discernment of the way you have been made and the path to which the Creator and Shepherd of your life is leading. While some of the application will concern finding or remaining in suitable employed work, the emphasis will be larger and deeper than finding the right job. The approach taken assumes the largest understanding of calling or vocation: the invitation of God to live and work wholeheartedly and fruitfully. There is a balance of teaching, small group interaction and guided personal solitude. Handouts, inventories and work sheets will be provided.


Providing one-day or weekend guided prayer and reflection retreats in a suitable retreat centre that is easily accessible. This can also be offered on a “before work” and “after work” through a normal work-week basis on a one-to-one basis for personal coaching, integration of faith and work and personal mission.